Cancer Coaching Program Options

Nu Healings Nutrition offers two Cancer Coaching programs to suit your individual needs. Both can be delivered at the location most convenient for you; either in our coaching centre, your home or hospital. Cancer Coaching can effectively be delivered in-person, over the phone, video call or email.

Initial Consultation

A consultation will provide an opportunity for you to speak with a live cancer coach who has worked with patients just like you – with the same diagnosis, but differing experiences. You are welcomed to tell us what your cancer is, how long you have had it and what treatments you have undertaken. You can ask us what we can do further for you and we will tell you – with no beating around the bush! We may need to ask you some questions as well, about things you may not have thought to tell us, such as what your expectations of a cancer coach are. We will be as helpful to you as we possibly can. If, after our 30 minutes together, you decide that you would like to work with a cancer coach, you will have four options of programs. From our complete 5 year coaching (for which your consultation to our hourly coaching – we have a program that will suit your needs and that will help get you back fee is refunded)b to your life and your family as quickly as possible. We look forward to speaking with you and wish you a happy, healthy journey.

30-Minute Initial Consult (refunded with purchase of Intensive Coaching Program (in-office or phone) $75.00

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The Basic Program

The Basic Program allows you to be assessed for cancer risk, nutritional and lifestyle deficiencies and/or excesses by a professional cancer coach. On this first visit we will request and review your pathology report, blood work, medical treatments and any other test results you may have. Between the first and second visit, we will prepare your comprehensive multi-page program specific to your cancer and lifestyle needs. This should get you started on a new and healthier routine that will make you stronger and better able to cope with treatment and side effects, while reducing many of their risk factors. This report will cover cancer nutrition, healthier lifestyle habits, a recommended supplement regime and ways to reduce any possible side-effects or risk factors around your medical treatments. Your 3rd and final appointment will be an in-office follow-up visit to assess your compliance and any additional needs, questions or concerns.

$545.00 3 Office Visits (5 hours over 3-Office Visits – plus prep time for report) This program is also ideal for long-distance phone clients. Patients receive the same care and custom program (and follow-up) as if being seen in person in the office. (all Canada/USA phone appointment charges/expenses are paid for by the coach) $345.00 3 Phone Visits (3-Phone Consults plus prep time for report)

The Intensive Program

The Intensive Program is designed to provide you with support on decisions and options available to you before it’s too late. When cancer calls, you require assistance right away. The Intensive Program offers 18 hours of intensive coaching over the first 6 or 3 week period, depending on the urgency of your care.

Intensive Program Breakdown:

  • 18 hours of intensive coaching over first 6 or 3 week period
  • Unlimited follow-up coaching between appointments by phone or email
  • Unlimited follow-up coaching over next four years by phone or email for a total of five years coaching
  • 12 hours of appointment follow-up coaching over first year
  • 40% reduced rates for office visit follow-ups (if preferred over phone or email coaching)
  • All handouts; binder with program materials; record keeping diary; DVD’s, CD’s; food samples; self-assessment kit
  • Healthy food prep class, sample full day cancer patient menu
  • Complete cancer patient menu of recommended foods and preparation styles
  • Optional visit to a health food store with advanced shopping tips; plus label reading guidance…etc.
  • A cancer supplement plan to co-incide with safety requirements during medical treatments
  • Optional pharmaceutical grade supplements available direct from wholesaler (coaches do not sell supplements to cancer patients)
  • Optional advocacy with medical team
  • Optional medical appointment accompaniment
  • Optional in home visits
  • Optional in hospital visits

Intensive Program Costs 18 (eighteen) hours intensive; plus 12 (twelve) hours first year follow-up; plus 4 (four) additional years phone and email coaching follow through,all materials and supplies. All phone coaching calls are made by the coach to the patient at the coach’s expense.

Complete In-Office Coaching Program $2195.00 Complete Phone Coaching Program (phone calls are made to patient at coach’s expense) $1095.00

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