National Association of Professional Cancer Coaches

Nu Healings Nutrition Ottawa The NAPCC was registered as a federal non-profit association in October 2008. We provide non-profit cancer education to patients world-wide, with coaches established in many countries around the world. Our status number is 448989-6.

The association unites professionally trained cancer coaches with men and women who want an evidence-based cancer prevention or recovery program. Our cancer coaches are registered as Cancer Patient Educators with the NAPCC. Further to this, our coaches are registered and licensed health care professionals such as Nurses, Psychologists, Medical Doctors, Registered Nutritionists, Naturopaths, Pharmacists, etc. They are educated and experienced in and support both conventional and holistic cancer medicine, otherwise known as INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE. We and many others believe, that this is the best incorporation of treatment options for patients who wish to experience a higher quality of life and recovery, as well as a way to prevent secondary cancers from chemotherapy/radiation and/or a recurrence of cancer following ‘remission’.

Coaches provide expert resources for the prevention and treatment options that are available to you… even some that your physician may not have discussed with you. We help the patient understand and navigate the conventional system and to learn how to add evidence based integrative solutions to discourage conventional risk factors and to encourage the healing process. The end result is an empowered patient who is able to make intelligent, appropriate and confident treatment choices that they can be happy with.

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