Cancer Recovery – How to Start Your Holistic Journey for Healing

Most recovered cancer patients still feel anxious about the future.  “What happens if …”

In my experience, with my husband and my son and others I’ve worked with, the need to protect patients from a relapse just isn’t part of the oncology plan. After hospital treatments end the patient is discharged, in most cases, without receiving any advice on changes necessary in lifestyle and diet, the role of the body-mind connection in sickness or the importance of stress-free relationships.

If you’ve heard the phrase “go home and resume your life where you left off” you’re not alone.  But why resume the way of life in which you became ill in the first place? Many patients follow this advice because they respect their doctors and are grateful for the good care.

When people first begin the healing journey they are full of questions about which supplements, food and therapies they should take as these appear to be the most important aspects to healing.  Its true that to heal you must give your body the nutrients it needs to cleanse and repair because you definitely won’t experience healing by doing the same things that caused illness to begin with. But most often healing is more about putting in less and taking more out and this is what cleansing can do; remove congestion and jump-start the healing process.

The simplest Way to Begin Physical Cleansing – one day cleanses with fresh, pure water and lemon or raw vegetable juices can play a critical role in removing toxins.

There are also many plants and herbs which can help to loosen and remove congestion of toxins in your bod.  Burdock root is very safe and is actually eaten as a food in many countries around the world.  This root helps cleanse the liver (your largest solid organ) which is responsible for filtering the blood from toxins and converting it to waste among other critical functions.  If the liver goes so does our overall health.

Burdock root helps stimulate liver function to improve digestion and increase the natural rate of detoxification.

Please note: Do not begin any detox process without first consulting a qualified health practitioner in cancer therapies. 


Michelle Thibodeau



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