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Attention cancer patients and survivors: Does the fear of recurrence and the pain of your treatments follow you around like a dark cloud?

This Simple 6-Week Program Uses Your Body's Natural Defense System To Assist In Your Battle With Cancer

This is the same system that saved my son.
He was a Stage 3 cancer patient...
now cancer-free for over 4 years!

Dear Friend,

If you recently endured treatment for cancer, and you want to relieve awful side effects of chemo, surgery, and radiation, then this will be the most important letter you ever read.

You’re going to learn how to...

  • Empower your immune system.
  • Get energized, healthy, and happy again.
  • And avoid recurrence -- and stay cancer-free!

My name is Michelle Thibodeau, and 9 years ago, I had to watch desperately as my husband passed away from brain cancer.

To see my husband, a firefighter, the rock of my life... be swallowed whole by a disease he couldn’t stop was simply unbearable.

So I dedicated myself to finding nutritional and lifestyle treatments for men and women battling and recovering from cancer. After all, medical science can provide surgery, chemo, and radiation, but there’s more to dealing with cancer than simply killing the disease.

Your quality of life is completely ruined by cancer, and I wanted to fix that.

I also wanted to find new ways to prevent recurrence, because cancer isn’t just genetic: it’s also a result of our diets and lifestyles.

But once I dedicated myself to this journey, my personal mission became even more critical.

Nu Healings Nutrition Ottawa
Nu Healings Nutrition Ottawa

In 2011, My Own Son Was Diagnosed with Malignant Melanoma...


You can imagine my anger, frustration, and fear.

But this time, I knew what to do. Because by this point, I had become a certified Professional Cancer coach & Holistic Nutritionist.

My son went through long, painful treatments for his cancer.

And once the treatments were over, he still had terrible symptoms that made it difficult to get by on a day-to-day basis.

You might be familiar with some of the side effects:

  • Pains that take over your entire body.
  • Problems digesting food, which are often embarrassing.
  • Constant fatigue that makes it hard to enjoy life.
  • Weight & muscles loss, deteriorating your body further.
  • Depression and other mood changes that affect your whole family.

On top of that, you may even feel that the medical system has abandoned you, leaving you with no path toward a full recovery.

Do you feel…

  • Lost - as if your doctor has suddenly dropped you without any guidance for the future?
  • Anxious about the possibility that your cancer may return at any time?
  • Unsure about what steps to take next to prevent this awful disease from recurring?
Nu Healings Nutrition Ottawa

I’m Here to Bring You a Healthy,

Happy, and Cancer-Free Life After Treatment.

With Less Pain, Confusion, and Fear.

Ever since I had to watch my own son go through the difficult process of recovering from his cancer treatments, I knew I needed to find a better plan for cancer survivors.

It simply seemed crazy to me that there wasn’t an all-inclusive plan for people who had undergone the grueling experience of surgery, chemo, and radiation.

So I’ve put together a comprehensive, whole-body program that uses all the available scientific evidence to make the journey after treatment as easy, comfortable, and fulfilling as possible.

And it works!

4 Years Later, My Son is Healthy, Happy, & Still Cancer-Free!

Nu Healings Nutrition Ottawa

Sean Thibodeau - Personal Trainer / 4 Years Cancer-Free!

  • Despite having a clear genetic disposition for cancer…
  • Despite having Stage 3 out of 4 and Level 4 out of 5 cancer…
  • Despite the cancer spreading to several of his lymph nodes…

My son has recovered from cancer, and remains cancer-free to this day!

And he has his energy, vitality, and life back again! The medical treatment for his cancer was a necessary evil, destroying his body along with the cancer and leaving side-effects such as chemo brain.

But now, he’s back to being the strong young man I’ve always known, just like his father.

Get the Quality of Life You Deserve!

Just imagine…

  • Shaking that constant feeling of being “unwell,” the strange lingering sickness that follows you around… and feeling like yourself again!
  • Becoming energized, motivated, and positive… instead of being stuck under the sense of chronic fatigue or depression.
  • Getting a healthy body and recovering from the damage your cancer treatment has done to your system.
  • Being able to truly celebrate your victory!
Nu Healings Nutrition Ottawa

Here’s what my son had to say about this program...

After doing chemo for several months I was feeling very sick and decided to seek alternative means for fighting my cancer.  Before starting the program I was in rough shape; the treatment was not making me feel good at all. I was really low on energy and went into a depression. The amount of knowledge you have on this subject is amazing and you are always continuing to learn and study new, natural methods for treatment. I am cancer free now (4 yrs.) and have a lot more energy and feel healthier overall. This has really made a huge, positive impact on me and I have adopted the lifestyle. Feeling great all the time is what makes me want to continue with everything!


Sean Thibodeau

So how did my son experience this kind of improvement in his life?

Restore Your Health and Feel Good
Again With the
6 Week Cancer Recovery Program
To Manage and Prevent Recurrence

This comprehensive program will teach you everything you need to know in order to…

  • Limit your risk for recurrence by understanding the process behind it… and get the tools and knowledge you need to prevent another unbearable experience.
  • Reverse your risk factors… and put yourself in control of your body… with professional, evidence-based resources you can start using today.
  • Eat the right foods for recovery -- the foods that are most likely to reduce your chances of recurrence -- and even regain your energy!
  • Plus… avoid the foods and drinks that contribute to cancer growth, so that you don’t poison yourself without even realizing it.
  • Put exercise to work for you -- improving your energy levels and making your recovery easier -- without having to go through a rigorous workout routine.
  • Follow psychological, social, and spiritual guidelines that may actually reduce your chances of recurrence -- much to the surprise of many patients -- because of proven scientific connections between the brain and body.

And it’s not only based on science...

I’ve seen this program work for my son. More importantly, this is the First comprehensive program of its kind, designed to give cancer survivors, a natural way to recover, get well and achieve better health than before!

Here’s a quick look at the full program...

Week 1: Take Control of Your Health!

  • Learn the 10 common characteristics of cancer survivors -- behaviors that you can start following today to improve your odds of getting through your battle and enjoying a long life afterward!
  • Get a better understanding of how your cancer was created in the first place, so that you can do more to prevent it from ever happening again.
  • Discover the true benefit of vitamins and supplements – to rebuild and boost your immune system especially if you’ve lost weight or your appetite because of harsh medical treatments.
  • See the scientific evidence that genetics do not control your destiny, that you can actually take control of your life and your health, no matter what your family history is.


  • Get a quick and easy cheat-sheet for making simple lifestyle choices that you can put into practice today!

Week 2: Start Feeding Your Body to Achieve Optimal Health!

Still confused about proteins, carbs, fats, minerals, vitamins, “clean” food, “whole” food, “raw” food, “organic,” and all the other options that fill the supermarket?

Here, you’ll get all the nutritional knowledge you need!

  • Learn about the proteins, carbs, and fats that make up your food… and finally get a clear-cut explanation of what you need to eat and why.
  • Discover the foods that empower your body to fight off cancer naturally, saving you from the pain and agony of another round of chemo or radiation.
  • A simple, direct list of the “clean foods” that can knock out cancer… and how you should prepare and eat them!
  • You hear a lot about organic food… but did you know that only some foods should to be organic? Get the details inside!
  • [IMPORTANT]: Simply by cooking your food the wrong way, you can create new cancers. Learn what processes to avoid and keep your body safe!


  • A complete list of the foods you should avoid, as well as the healthy foods you should start eating, along with the clear-cut explanation you deserve.

Week 3: Eat “This” and Avoid “That” to Outsmart Cancer Recurrence!

  • Learn strategies that “outsmart” your cancer -- by stepping in front of it with the nutrition that puts it to an end.
  • Discover the foods that not only inhibit cancer, but speed up your recovery and get you back to your old self faster!
  • Did you know that foods higher on the food chain are actually more contaminated by “cumulative toxins” and environmental chemicals? You’ll find out what you need to avoid to limit your exposure to chemicals and keep your body safe.
  • [FOR WOMEN]: Consuming this one beverage can make you more likely to breast cancer recurrence or secondary cancer -- cut it out of your diet today!
  • You know that protein is essential… but you are probably eating 3 to 5 times more than you should. Learn how to eat safer amounts of protein and stave off recurrence!


  • Super-simple instructions to improve your sleep, peace of mind, and even your environment -- cutting cancer causing factors out of your life so you can live it to the fullest!

Nu Healings Nutrition Ottawa

Week 4: Make Your Immune System Bullet-Proof!

  • There is one food that nearly every North American eats on a daily basis… and it is literally the main food source for cancer. Learn how to cut this food from your life, and keep your body cancer-free!
  • Avoid this seemingly harmless drink that increases your cancer risk by 700% -- you will be shocked to find out what it is!
  • Coffee -- is it okay to drink, and what type of coffee should you buy? Don’t worry -- you can still have your morning cup of coffee (as long as you don’t buy the forbidden coffee I’ll mention in Week 4).
  • Get simple advice on how to read those long, confusing nutrition labels, so you can stay informed quickly and easily!


  • A simple checklist of the actions you can start taking immediately to improve your health, your happiness, and your odds in the fight against a cancer relapse!

Week 5: Are You Eating Parasites? Give Your Life Style An Anti-Cancer Makeover!

  • Your body is constantly sending you messages… some of them can even warn you about a new cancer threat! Learn how to listen to these messages and avoid recurrence. (This may sound like New-Age nonsense, but it is 100% science!)
  • Are you eating parasites? The reality is: you probably are, without ever realizing it! You’ll learn how to avoid these harmful invaders and keep your immune system in tip-top shape!
  • Exercise: most people hate the idea of going to the gym, but even light, easy exercises you do at home can drastically improve your odds of avoiding another fight with cancer.
  • I’ll show you a quick and easy exercise you can do without a bunch of equipment or a gym membership to avoid the recurrence that has plagued your thoughts.
  • Feeling blue? After something as difficult as cancer treatments, this is perfectly normal, but it can actually lead to recurrence.
  • Find out how to kick your anxiety and depression, and lead a happier, cancer-free life without the fear of another fight with cancer.


  • Get healthier, more energetic, and happier with another quick checklist you can mark off in your free time!

Week 6: Unleash the Body, Mind and Spirit Anti-Cancer Formula

  • Discover the connection between your mind and body -- and use it to your advantage as you prevent cancer from coming back!
  • Think your feelings and emotions can’t change your cancer? Think again!
  • Negative emotions release real hormones that are scientifically proven to damage your health while with positive emotions, you can crush your cancer and improve your life forever!
  • Find out how your attitude and assertiveness can actually play a role in your health and well being -- and may even “scare” your cancer away!


  • Get the anti-aging checklist that will keep you younger, healthier, and more powerful… you may even become stronger than you were before you ever had cancer!

“This program really helped me to understand what it means to eat healthy and to lead a wholesome life. It was a real eye-opener. I will practice what I learned and teach all who are interested to hear about it.”

– Leola Carey

Try the 6 Week Cancer Recovery Program Today and Get The Bonus Cancer Recovery Book of Recipes and Shopping Lists!

Nutrition can seem complicated. But it doesn’t have to be!

With my bonus resource, The Cancer Recovery Book of Tasty Recipes and Shopping Lists,  you can easily go down the aisles of your favorite supermarket and get the foods you need to revitalize your immune system!

  • Don’t spend hours trying to figure out which foods are safe to eat! The easy shopping list will ensure that your home is filled with nutritious, cancer-killing foods!
  • Not sure how to cook these new, healthy options? I’ll show you how! Easy step-by-step recipes make these recovery foods a breeze to prepare and enjoy!
  • Healthy food is notoriously boring… but not anymore! Turn your anti-cancer diet into a tasty new experience worth savoring!
  • Protect your whole family from the threat of cancer by making the switch to the cancer-killing diet as easy as possible!
  • Cut your shopping time in half with these in-and-out shopping lists. You’ve be visiting fewer sections of the store -- and avoiding the areas that can feed your cancer -- all while you enjoy the delicious, cancer-killing foods your whole family will love!

"I was at a crossroad with regards to my health back in October 2014. Having dealt with high blood pressure, anxiety, major depression and breast cancer, I needed to do something. Conventional medicines were no longer an option for me. This is the reason why I sought the service of a nutritionist or more precisely a Certified Professional Cancer Coach.  After undergoing a very strict diet, detox and doing exercise, I lost weight and feel so much less bloated. I regained energy and feel so much better mentally. "

- Sylvie Moore 

Preventing Cancer Recurrence Often takes Much More Than Chemo, Radiation and Surgery.


As important as it is to get medical treatment for your cancer, it simply may not prevent another attack on your body.

Nutrition and lifestyle are the only things you can control -- and it’s the only way you can stop cancer from ever wreaking havoc on your life again.

But this isn’t just an easy way for you to take control of your life and avoid the pain and misery of cancer…

It’s a financially smart decision -- one that your entire family will benefit from!

Because the cost of getting treated for another fight with cancer is something you simply can’t afford. Months in the hospital, mountains of expenses, and the time you spend away from your career and family…

None of it can ever be recovered.

So take preventative measures… to ensure it never comes back!

Outsmart Cancer Recurrence with the Evidence Based Power of Nutrition and Lifestyle Changes… for Just $297!

(ONLY $49.50 PER WEEK)

Nu Healings Nutrition Ottawa

There are a lot of other things you could buy for $50 a week…

But none of them can help you take your health and your destiny into your own hands -- and prevent another fight with cancer!

This 6-Week program is incredibly easy to follow, and it contains all the same strategies and evidence based knowledge that saved my son 4 years ago from his Stage 3 cancer… even though it had already spread to his lymph nodes.

It’s a single payment of $297 that can save you from months in the hospital, years of pain and agony, and another life-threatening battle.

Empower Yourself!

Try The 6 Week Cancer Recovery Program To Manage and Prevent Recurrence today!

Nu Healings Nutrition Ottawa

I wish you all the best in your challenge; I know you can do it!

Michelle Thibodeau

“Along with the information on how to make vital nutritional and lifestyle adjustments, the (Cancer Coaching Program) reveals points of vulnerability in a cancer patient’s life, what he or she needs to change, how to make the change, and how that change will maximize the potential for long-term sustainable health. Most importantly, the profound emotional and spiritual experience of illness and healing comes into clear focus through the coaching on mind/body medicine. I highly recommend the NAPCC Certified Professional Cancer Coach for patients who are living with cancer.”

– Dr. Thalina Lindquist M.D. from