End of Summer

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all had a very nice summer and enjoyed the warm weather, traveling and time with friends and family.

My holiday season consisted mainly of short trips, went to Quebec City with my mom, and Niagara Falls for a weekend.

But with summer over it’s now time, for most of us, to get back to the regular routine of our lives.

For those of you dealing with cancer it may not have been much of a holiday/vacation time especially if you were undergoing treatments or feeling unwell.

September is a busy month for most people and with regards to cancer awareness and fund-raising it’s no different.

The following list pretty much encompasses every age group.

September is: Childhood Cancer Awareness month, Men’s Cancer Awareness month, Ovarian Cancer Awareness month and Thyroid Cancer Awareness month.

What do all of these have in common? Aside from all cancers being on the rise (1 in every 2.5 people will get some form of cancer in their lifetime) many cancers can be avoided with proper nutrition and lifestyle modifictions having a huge impact on us either getting disease or preventing it.

I’m here to help you reclaim your health. Regardless of what treatments you’ve had they can have a devistating effect on your quality of life.

With the huge amount of information available on the internet, people are seeing the many approaches to reversing their diseases through non-traditional means but they don’t know exactly how to go about it. Most people who are sick think that their sickness is “special”. They don’t realizing that all sickness is simply the body breaking down from improper diet and lifestyle.

Wherever you are in your cancer journey know it’s never too late to start implementing changes that can improve your health and impact your life.

Here are a few basic foods to heal your body not feed your cancer.

Oatmeal – High in protein and potassium along with other important nutrients – a great way to start your day especially with the cold winter months approaching – this type of meal will keep you full longer and it’s not processed food. Please do not buy the pre-packaged kind with sugar and salt added only use the natural stove top oatmeal.

Potatoes – Also, high in protein and potassium and contain high amounts of vitamin C and iron

Cruciferous vegetables – Broccoli, cauliflower, kale, collard greens, Brussels sprouts, bok choy, cabbage, watercress. Have anti-cancer properties (phytonutrients).

Carrot juice – Contains protein, calcium, potassium and high amounts of vitamin A as beta carotene. Also contain a compound called falcarinol which research has confirmed has more anti-cancer properties than beta-carotene alone.

Apples – Contain many phytonutrients and antioxidants as well as fiber. Apples contain flavonoids which inhibit carbohydrate digesting enymes from breaking down into simple sugars. This in turn helps keep blood sugar levels balanced.

For a delicious juice try an Apple and Carrot combination – Drink on an empty stomach in the morning or half hour before lunch. Simpy juice approximately 8 ounces each of carrots and apples. Wash and brush (do not peel). Drink immediately, do not store for more than a half hour. If you don’t have a juicer you can do this in a nutri-bullet or blender then place the contents into a fine cheese cloth or nut milk bag and gently squeez out into glass or container.

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