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by Michelle Thibodeau

Nu Healings Nutrition Ottawa

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On a scale from 1 to 10, how much is health care important to you?

I’m sure that “10” popped into your mind without hesitation.

On a scale from 1 to 10, how would you rate your success in achieving your health goals?

Out of the countless people who believe that health is the most precious gift life can offer, very few are successful in meeting their health goals. So if you’re unhappy with your answer, rest assured that you’re not alone!

As a holistic nutritionist with years of experience in the industry, I managed to pinpoint the challenges that face men and women on their wellness journey and discover viable solutions to them.

“Too much too soon” versus “Slowly but surely”

The number one reason why most people fail in meeting their health goals is that they try to accomplish “too much too soon” so they end up with nothing!

Throughout my free holistic wellness e-coaching series, you will be on the right track for reaching your goals “slowly but surely.”

What sets my 6 week series apart from anything you have tried before?

1) Balance
It’s important to ensure that your transformation is holistic and balanced. In 6 weeks, you will discover best practices in various aspects of your overall health, including nutrition, sleep, and more. In addition, I will shed light on some of the psychological factors (such as stress) that may hinder achieving optimal results.

2) Focus
Every week you will receive valuable insights that address one area of your overall health. For an entire week, you will focus all your efforts on tackling this one aspect. Don’t you agree that the focused approach is far more effective than the “too much too soon” craze?!

3) Small Changes, Consistent Results
This program is designed to help you work smart not hard on your wellness journey. Some of the tips provided here are shockingly simple and often untapped. However, turning them into habits can instantly boost your success.

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