Your Coaching Fees May Be Covered by Your Employer or Extended Health Insurance Plan

Private one-on-one Coaching consultations are eligible to be covered by many Health Insurance Plans. If your employer or private extended health insurance company does not cover the services for complementary medicine (Registered Nutritonist, Psychologist, Naturopath etc.) then you have several additional options. You may enroll in our free community programs or we can see you free of any monetary costs – on a one-on-one basis where sponsorship is provided for you. As a third option, consultation fees and supplement costs “may” be claimed (please check) as a medical expense on your Tax Return under the section entitled Medical Expenses.

All services may be covered by the health insurance plan that is offered to you through your employer or private insurer. Below, we have provided a list of insurers and networks that are currently offering coverage for our services. Please keep in mind that plans and networks are constantly changing and it is impossible to list every insurance plan that offers coverage for our services. If you have any questions about your insurance plan or if you do not see your plan listed below, please give your insurer a call and request that they provide this coverage to you. Alternately, you may also wish to contact your bargaining committee at work to see if they can offer this coverage with your upcoming contract renewal.

Any service we offer that is not covered by your extended health insurance, may be tax deductible, depending on where you live and may be claimed as an expense under ‘MEDICAL EXPENSES’ on your income tax return. We would also like to mention that the cost of all products on our website are tax-deductible under Medical Expenses on your tax returns, please keep your receipt.


  • Chartered Accountants of Canada
  • The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
  • Boards of Education
  • Teachers and Employees Unions
  • Police Associations
  • Trucking Associations
  • Co-Operators Insurance
  • RWAM Insurance
  • Ingle Health Insurance
  • Manufacturers Life
  • Great West Life
  • and flex coverage plans provided by many more employers/insurers…

Please check with your extended health insurance provider to see if your plan offers coverage for the registered designation of your professional coach.