Breast cancer might be in your genes, but it doesn’t have to be in your future.


Angelina Jolie’s brave decision has gotten a lot of us wondering, “Are gene testing and mastectomy the best ways to lower my risk of getting breast cancer?”


As a Professional Nutritional Oncologist, I believe women should use a more holistic or natural approach for prevention and treatment.  By using the best practices in Holistic Nutrition tailored to your unique body composition and lifestyle, you can actually correct the nutritional causes of diseases and help prevent serious illnesses from developing.


If you do test positive for the BRCA1 gene mutation, there are three simple actions you can take to suppress it:


1.      Eat raw cruciferous vegetables, like arugula, broccoli, kale and radishes. These contain a potent anti-cancer nutrient called Indol-3-Carinol (I3C) that can halt breast cancer in its tracks.


2.      Get your Vitamin D. Through supplements, Vitamin D is known to inhibit nearly four out of five cancers, including breast cancer.


3.      Regular, moderate exercise such as yoga, jogging, biking, swimming, fast paced walking or a favorite sport all help by protecting against stress-related disorders and depression which is critical for the prevention and treatment of cancer.


Cancer prevention starts with you! Aside from these three tips, there are many other nutrition and lifestyle changes that can be made to aide in protecting the body from cancer. You have the ability to prevent and reverse serious health problems without spending a fortune on testing or undergoing drastic measures. Get your copy of the free report “9 Things your Oncologist won’t tell you” at


By Michelle Thibodeau, Ottawa’s only Certified Professional Cancer Coach and Holistic Nutritionist. Michelle knows first-hand what it’s like to live with cancer. Hear her story.

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