Root Canals and Cancer

There appears to be a strong connection between root canals and the incidence of degenerative disease.  Health and restoration of the teeth is an absolute necessity for treatment to prevent infections and toxic disturbances of the teeth and gums.  Incredibly, there have been reports of individuals having root canals and filings removed and then healing from their current condition. 

Many notable physicians such as Dr. Max Gerson and Weston Price DDS placed great importance on dental health for not only cancer patients but most disease cases including heart diseaseheart disease and

Weston Price was the first to conduct original research on the effects of root canals on the whole body. To read more go to:


What is a root canal treatment?

This is necessary when the pulp becomes inflamed or infected; usually caused by decay (cavity), repeated procedures done on the tooth, cracked or chipping, faulty crowns or trauma to the tooth.

After the treatment the tooth will appear to function normally; but it is impossible to remove all the infected tissue from the canal or to completely sterilize the area.  Antibiotics used to treat the infection rarely make it to the infected area and the substances used to cleanse and seal the tooth are cytotoxic and sometime carcinogenic.

Weston Price, Hal Huggins( , George Meinig ( and other holistic dentists who researched root-canaled teeth discovered they can house anaerobic bacteria that can cause serious medical conditions such as CVD, kidney, neurological (ALS & MS), and autoimmune diseases (such as Lupus). Some of these conditions may not appear for years or decades which makes it difficult to trace the origin of the disease.


How does this convert to disease?

A strong immune system can capture and destroy these bacteria but when the immune system is weakened by illness, stress, drugs, alcohol etc. the bacteria migrate throughout the body and infect various systems.

For example: Thomas Rau, MD, head of Paracelsus Cancer clinic in Switzerland found, in 2004, that 98.5 percent of his breast cancer patients had root canals on the same meridian as the original breast tumor. 

If you have a serious or chronic illness, a root canal removal may be critical for your recovery.  It is critical that you seek out a qualified holistic or biological dentist (use only non-toxic diagnostic and therapeutic approaches) who can safely remove the tooth without causing more damage.

Of special note: Not everyone who is ill should run out to have this done.  Much depends on the quality and overall condition of your health. Those in a weakened condition should begin a holistic therapy first and remove the teeth only when you are stronger and showing signs of improvement.


Source: Gerson Institute – Healing News, Spring 2015 Issue