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Nu Healings Nutrition Ottawa

“After doing chemo for several months I was feeling very sick and decided to seek alternative means for fighting my cancer. Before starting the program I was in rough shape; the treatment was not making me feel good at all. I was really low on energy and went into a depression. The amount of knowledge you have on this subject is amazing and you are always continuing to learn and study new, natural methods for treatment.

I am cancer free now (4 yrs.) and have a lot more energy and feel healthier overall. This has really made a huge, positive impact on me and I have adopted the lifestyle. Feeling great all the time is what makes me want to continue with everything!.”- Sean Thibodeau

Why Am I So Passionate About Helping Cancer Patients?

My Personal Story…

In 2004 when my husband, a firefighter, became ill with aggressive brain cancer, I saw for myself the harmful side effects that surgery, chemo and radiation have on the body. I became determined to help support his treatments with alternative and complementary medicine, supplements and nutritional corrections. Unfortunately, my husband passed away in 2006.

The extensive research that I conducted to support my husband throughout his battle with cancer sparked my interest to become a Holistic Nutritionist. Later on, I inadvertently discovered the cancer coaching program and immediately thought; this is what I was meant to do and enrolled in the program.

In 2011, shortly after becoming a certified Professional Cancer coach, my 27 year old son was diagnosed with malignant melanoma and the journey began again.

He was a stage 3 out of 4 and level 4 out of 5. His condition was very serious as it had already reached several lymph nodes in his neck.

I’m very happy to say that five years later, with my knowledge and guidance and his hard work and determination, he is still cancer free despite the odds.

Nu Healings Nutrition Ottawa
Get The Cancer Rejuvenation e-Guide - $47!

Attention Cancer Patients! Your Burning Questions Are Finally Answered…

  • What types of foods should I eat and avoid to ensure faster recovery and prevent recurrence?
  • How can I make significant lifestyle changes easily and effortlessly?
  • How can I regain weight/muscle after treatment?
  • How do I overcome anxiety and negative post-treatment emotions?
  • Do I need to take supplements? If so, which ones?
  • How can I regain my strength and boost my immune system after treatment?
  • The importance of digestion and how to overcome bloating, gas and indigestion?
Nu Healings Nutrition Ottawa

The Cancer Rejuvenation e-Guide is a must-have introduction for recovering cancer patients. As a Certified Professional Cancer Coach and a registered Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioner, I have seen firsthand the common challenges that individuals face. The above examples are just the tip of the ice-burg. This e-guide, as well as the bonuses that come with it, offer practical answers to these significant questions.

“I was at a crossroad with regards to my health back in October 2014. Having dealt with high blood pressure, anxiety, major depression and breast cancer, I needed to do something.

Conventional medicines were no longer an option for me, the reason why I sought the service of a nutritionist or more precisely a Certified Professional Cancer Coach. I was impressed with all the great benefits that coaching could provide me.” – Sylvia Moore

Nu Healings Nutrition Ottawa

What types of foods should you eat and avoid to ensure faster recovery and prevent recurrence?

The Cancer Rejuvenation e-Guide offers detailed nutritional information for recovering cancer patients including:

  • How eating specific foods can boost (or hinder) your recovery
  • Why food sensitivity testing is important for cancer patients
  • Everything you need to know about Proteins, Carbs and Fats
  • How to make a smooth transition to “clean foods” during and after recovery
  • How to understand the nutritional labels on your food in order to make sound dietary choices
  • To make food planning super-easy for you, I offer the “Immune Boosting Recipes” guide as a complementary bonus that comes with the Cancer Rejuvenation e-Guide. The anti-cancer recipes include breakfasts, main courses, snacks, and juices/smoothies
Nu Healings Nutrition Ottawa

How can you make significant lifestyle changes easily and effortlessly?

  • Why is the HOLISTIC approach the best way to ensure optimal recovery
  • How to start and maintain BALANCED lifestyle habits after recovery
  • How to nourish your body, mind and spirit and boost your energy

How can you regain weight/muscle after treatment?

  • Discover why proper exercise is a proven THERAPY for cancer patients
  • The impact of consistent and moderate exercise on body weight, blood sugar, and cholesterol
  • Why is the stationary rebounder a highly recommended exercise for cancer patients
  • The shockingly simple yet proven to be the best moderate exercise for cancer patients

How to overcome anxiety and negative post-treatment emotions?

  • Discover your happy place and replace negative emotions with empowering ones
  • Suggestions for fun social and individual activities that are proven to lift your spirit and boost your self-esteem
  • The 11 habits that you can start TODAY to squash negativity

How can you regain your strength and boost your immune system after treatment?

  • Specific dieting and exercising habits that are proven to boost your immune system
  • How can spiritual activities such as prayer and meditation contribute to your overall wellbeing
  • Take advantage of the bonus “Immune Boosting Recipes” e-Guide to turbocharge your immune system

Why is good digestion important and how to overcome bloating, gas and indigestion?

  • Proven ways to optimize your digestion
  • The importance of digestive enzymes and what are the major side effects of their depletion
  • Simple ways to increase your enzyme reserve

What supplements should you be taking to ensure a faster recovery?

  • The best supplements that every recovering cancer patient should be taking
  • What is Nutritional Oncology and why is proper supplementation a significant component of it
  • Because supplementation is a growing concern for my clients, I dedicated a separate bonus e-Guide to discuss it in detail: “The Top 5 Supplements Every Recovering Cancer Patient Should be Taking”
Nu Healings Nutrition Ottawa

“I had prostate cancer a couple of years back and went through the removal, radiation, and hormonal treatment route. The medical care I received from my cancer clinic and doctors was bare bones, with no extended services on nutrition, lifestyle, or other ways to manage my cancer. I was lucky to engage in the services of a Cancer Coach. We had an in-depth revision of lifestyle changes that turned my life around. I cannot tell you enough how happy I am that I found this organization.” – Henry Zahara

Get The Cancer Rejuvenation e-Guide - $47!

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