Holistic nutrition programs designed to help you reach optimal health and well-being.

Step One: Identify your goals, concerns and strategies

  • Complete a series of medical history and symptom forms to be reviewed by Registered Holistic Nutritionist Michelle Thibodeau
  • Meet with Michelle to have an interactive discussion about your overall health.

Step Two: Identify your nutritional imbalances and examine lifestyle habits

  • An in-depth review of your personal and family health history
  • Careful review of any nutritional supplements and medications
  • Complete assessment of your digestive health
  • Actions you can take right away toward improving the state of your health

Step Three: Support your health goals by creating a personally customized wellness program

Everyone is biochemically different. That’s why our Nutritional Healing Programs are personally customized just for you. This will include the use of whole, nutrient-dense foods, menu options, natural source supplements and lifestyle modifications.

Step Four:  In-depth evaluation data will be collected and analyzed

  • Food transit time
  • Body composition
  • PH level

Step Five: Based on the findings and your health goals, a combination of the following tests and holistic strategies may be taken

Food Sensitivity Testing

The most common effects of toxicity in the body are food sensitivities due to poor digestion and absorption. Food sensitivities are often connected to intestinal imbalances and Leaky Gut Syndrome.

Hormone Health Profile Testing

This is for men and women of all ages. Hormones play an enormous role in influencing almost every aspect of your well-being. If you want to look fresher, stimulate your metabolism, lose fat, sleep better, feel sexier, get stronger, and focus better, gaining control over your hormonal balance is the key.

Hair Mineral Analysis

Used to determine exposure to toxic elements such as lead, mercury or arsenic; the heavy metals that are known to cause serious health problems.

Cleansing and Detoxifying

The digestive system supports all of the systems in our body and is where your immune system health begins. Daily, our bodies are exposed to toxins in the foods we eat, prescription medications, processed foods and stress. Therefore, there is a strong need to cleanse the body on a regular basis to eliminate these toxins from the liver, lymphatic system, digestive system, colon, etc.Please note: All tests are non-invasive.

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