12 Week Program to Optimal Health, Wellbeing and Longevity

This three month plan is ideal for those who want to commit to their health journey. The initial consultation allows me to get to know you on all levels including health issues, your relationship to food and exercise and any challenges you might have.

Do you want to feel your best each day so you can enjoy life to the fullest?  Are you struggling with pain, a chronic condition or mood disorders like anxiety, depression or insomnia? Are you tired of filling out prescriptions?

This 12-week program Includes:

  • Includes everything from the Discovery package (Complete Nutritional & Health analysis and detailed report of recommendations)
  • Identify your goals and needs – what conditions or symptoms have you been living with
  • nutritional analysis - identify your nutritional imbalances and lifestyle habits that may be creating health issues
  • support your health goals by creating a personally
  • Customized wellness program to boost your immune system so it can restore balance in your body
  • cleansing and detoxifying—the digestive system supports all other systems in our bodies and is where your immune system health begins
  •  food sensitivity testing: if needed—food sensitivity is a condition with a multitude of symptoms and can be difficult to recognize. Do you suffer from headaches, bowel issues, colds, chronic fatigue, weight problems. (additional cost applies)
  • ph testing—to determine  your body alkalinity.  A balanced ph level is necessary to prevent disease.
  • hormone health profile—if needed — hormones play an critical role in influencing almost every aspect of our well- being including weight issues, skin conditions, mood imbalances and much more.
  • 11 Weekly, 45-60 min. follow-up sessions

Holistic nutrition can help awaken your body’s incredible ability to heal itself so you look and feel your best each day.

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