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3 Natural Compounds lead to reduced prostate tumor size and key influences of cell metabolism

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According to prostatecancer.ca and US cancer statistics (2015) prostate cancer is the most diagnosed cancer among men. Over 21,000 men will be diagnosed in Canada alone in 2017 and of those an estimated 41,000 will die from it.

In the past few years it has become very apparent the impact nutrition has on cancer prevention. It’s not surprising then that the study: Combinatorial treatment with natural compounds leads to smaller prostate tumor size and key modulations of cell metabolism is getting much attention mainly because there is no toxicity to normal tissues or cells.

In this study a collection of over 140 natural compounds from foods were screened on prostate cancer cells to identify which would be the most effective combination.  Of these compounds the top three performers were Ursolic acid, Curcumin and Resveratrol.

Nu Healings Nutrition Ottawa Ursolic acid is found in apple peels, cranberries, bilberries, prunes, basil, oregano and others with the highest concentrations being found in apples. Curcumin is a natural component of turmeric and Resveratrol is found in dark grapes, dark chocolate, wine and other berries.

When these three compounds were administered individually, to mice with tumors, they didn’t encourage substantial changes in tumor size. On the other hand when they were given in combination the treatment reduced both tumor size and weight.

The World Health Organization, the Canadian Cancer Society and the American Cancer Society all agree that eating right can play a major role in preventing and treating cancer. In fact the WHO also states that at least one-third of all cancer deaths can be prevented by eating more natural compounds that can inhibit cancer cell growth and promote apoptosis (cell death).








By: Michelle Thibodeau RHN, CPCC

Additional source: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41698-017-0024-z