November’s almost over but here’s some critical information you should know.

How important are Food Choices for prevention and management of Prostate Cancer?

What you eat and don’t eat makes a huge difference on whether prostate cancer ever develops. 
Healthy eating patterns also improve the odds of treatment success.
An elevated PSA level or prostate cancer diagnosis can be the signal that it’s time to change what you eat more towards a Mediterranean diet that focuses on fish instead of red meat, whole vegetables instead of glucose-spiking starches/sugars, foods cooked at lower temperatures and reduced intake of omega-6 fats.
While dietary changes may not cure diagnosed prostate cancer there is strong value in consuming foods and beverages that can suppress cancer proliferation (growth) such as cruciferous vegetables and green tea as opposed to continuing to eat foods that have been related to higher prostate risk such as red meat, starches and sugars, excess dairy and omega -6 fats. 
Here are some guidelines
– Don’t eat overcooked meat
– Eggs and Dairy should be reduced or eliminated
– Balance Omega-6 to Omega 3 fats
– Include Omega-3 fatty acids
– Introduce Nutrients that suppress tumor growth
– Add foods and supplements that keep cancer cells in check
Reference: Life Extension, December 2013 – Impact of Diet on Prostate Cancer
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