Best 12 Cancer Prevention Strategies
For Anyone

Please don’t wait until you’re diagnosed; take PREVENTIVE steps NOW.
There are many things you can do to lower your risk of cancer and its much easier to prevent cancer than to treat it once it takes hold.  I believe you can effectively eliminate your risk of cancer and other chronic disease and greatly improve your chances of recovering from cancer if you currently have it by following these reasonably simple strategies. 
1.  Food Preparation: Eat at least half your food raw.  Avoid frying or charbroiling; boil, poach or steam foods instead. Cook at lower temperatures for longer periods and don’t overcook.  Add cancer-fighting foods, herbs, spices and supplements to your diet such as broccoli, curcumin and resveratrol.
2.   Carbohydrates and Sugar: Reduce or eliminate processed foods, sugar/fructose and grain based foods.  This applies to whole, unprocessed, organic grains too as they tend to quickly break down and drive your insulin levels up.  The evidence is very clear; if you want to avoid cancer or you currently have it, you absolutely MUST avoid all forms of sugar especially fructose as these feed cancer cells and promote growth.  Total fructose intake per day should be no more than 25 grams, including from fruit.
3.  Proteins and Fat: Think about reducing your protein intake to one gram per kilogram of body weight.  It is rare for most adults to need more than 100 grams per day and likely closer to half that amount.  You should replace excess protein with high quality fats, such as organic eggs from free range chickens, organic chicken, wild fish, avocados, and coconut oil.
4.  GMO”s: Avoid genetically modified foods as they are usually treated with herbicides and likely to be toxic.  Choose fresh, organic and preferably locally grown foods.
5.   Animal-Based Omega-3 fats:  Increase your intake of omega-3 fats by taking a high-quality Krill oil and reduce your intake of processed vegetable oils.
6.   Natural Probiotics:  Boosting your gut flora will reduce inflammation and help strengthen your immune system.  Research shows that inhibiting inflammation might slow cancer progression and improve response to chemotherapy. 
7.   Exercise: Exercise lowers insulin levels which creates a low sugar environment that discourages growth and spread of cancer cells.  In a three month study, exercise was found to alter immune cells and make them more potent and disease-fighting in cancer patients who had just completed chemotherapy. 
8.   Vitamin D: There is scientific evidence you can decrease your risk of cancer by more than half just by optimizing your vitamin D levels with appropriate sun exposure or supplementation.
9.   Sleep: Make sure you get enough quality sleep.  Poor sleep can inhibit melatonin production, which is linked with increased risk of insulin resistance and weight gain; both can contribute to cancer’s tenacity. 
10. Exposure to Toxins:   Try to reduce your exposure to environmental toxin such as pesticides, household chemical cleaners, air fresheners and cosmetics.
11. Exposure to Radiation:  Limit exposure and protect yourself from radiation produced by cell phones, towers, base stations and Wi-Fi stations and minimize your exposure from medical scans, including dental, x-rays, CT scans and mammograms.

12.  Stress Management:  Stress from any cause is a major contributor to disease.  It is likely that stress and unresolved emotional issues may be more important than physical ones.

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