Balance Your Gut to Heal Your Body


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Gut health is at the root of our health.  It is considered, by many, as our second brain and as the origin of disease and where healing begins.  Our gut contains about 70% of our Immune system function and this is where all the food we eat, everything we drink ends up first.  Therefore if you’re going to fight disease, including cancer, in the strongest way possible your gut and in turn your immunes system must be as strong and healthy as possible.

Science now recognizes what makes gut health so important is called your microbiome.  Your gut is filled with beneficial bacteria that are vital to your health and disease and are influenced by your diet and lifestyle.  Unfortunately, due to processed foods, high sugar, high carb diets and the use of antibiotics and other medications our microbiome ends up being overrun by the harmful bacteria.

Here are some habits that you might want to avoid to improve the health of your microbiome and your gut.

  1. Poor Diet

If you eat a diet full of processed foods containing bad fats, preservatives and high in sugar and you don’t chew your food properly you will likely have poor absorption of whatever little nutrition your food does contain.  Your body will be more acidic, you may feel tired, suffer from gas, indigestion or heartburn and more.

  • Avoid processed foods
  • Eat more greens which are alkalizing
  • Eat live foods such as sprouts as they contain live enzymes and valuable bacteria.
  • Limit all forms of sugar. Sugar not only fuels bad bacteria but it is also the number one source of food for cancer.
  • Eat more fibre rich foods like beans, vegetables and preferably gluten free grains.
  • Stop eating foods that can irritate your gut such as dairy, wheat or MSG.
  • Take your time eating and chew well to help with digestion.
  1. Medications

If you take medications or antibiotics they kill good bacteria in your gut as well as the bad.  Especially after a round of antibiotics you’ll need to replenish your microbiome with fermented foods or a probiotic supplement available at good health food stores.

  1. Alcohol

Alcohol kills off the good bacteria in your gut and increases acidity.  It also increases intestinal permeability which means that foreign particles and partially digested food can enter through the gut and create internal inflammation.

  1. Lack of Fermented Foods

If your diet is lacking in foods such as Greek yogurt, kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut or miso you are missing out on some very important foods for a healthy microbiome and most likely need to increase these foods to ensure you are reloading vital good bacteria.

  1. Avoid Chronic Stress

When we stress, blood rushes away from our digestive tract and goes to vital organs to help fuel us for fight or flight.  Long term stress means less blood supply to your digestive tract and also a lack of gastric juices which leads to poor health.  To help relieve stress try taking a few deep breaths (count to 4 or 5), while laying or sitting in a comfortable position, hold for the same count, and release to the same count.


Source: Food Matters – 7 Habits Harming Your Gut Health