Best Supplements for Children

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Nutrition is incredibly important and sometimes difficult to accomplish during childhood.  I can’t stress enough how important a healthy diet is for growing children, but nutritional gaps can still occur due to soil deficiencies, lack of variety in their diet or environmental factors.

A high quality and diverse diet should absolutely be the top priority but there are supplements that can help fill in any holes in a child’s diet.

Be very careful about the supplements you given and choose only high-quality supplements from reputable health food stores and companies.

Besides making sure that kids are consuming a lot of protein, from quality sources, an abundance of green veggies and plenty of healthy fats, children will benefit from:


If your child has ever been on antibiotics, he will greatly benefit from quality probiotics. Their gut flora is still developing, and supporting gut health during childhood will have much more of an effect than attempting to supplement later in life (though I recommend it then too). We use several different types of probiotics on a rotating basis, and alternate between:

Having your child eat or drink fermented Kefir is a good idea as it contains much higher amounts of probiotics than yogurt.  Because this food is fermented it reacts differently in your gut therefore often well tolerated even in those with a dairy intolerance.

Vitamin D

We used to get vitamin D from the environment but modern living and growing fear of exposing our skin to the sun has caused severe deficiencies in most individuals.  I firmly believe that kids should be getting their Vitamin D outside, in the sun, and preferably barefoot. This works well in the summer, but it is more difficult in the winter, or if you live in an area where you don’t have access to direct sun daily.

To ensure your child receives the proper dosage, vitamin D levels should be checked at least once a year in winter, and supplement based on the results.

Vitamin C

It’s always a good idea to keep vitamin C on hand especially in the event of a cold. You can add about 1/4 tsp of vitamin C powder to their water or smoothie once a day (it is bitter!) to keep their immune systems strengthened… mainly in the winter. During sickness, Vitamin C powder can be given more often until the illness passes.  Good health food stores should also carry children’s chewable vitamin C if your child is old enough.

Cod liver oil

This can be one of the hardest to get your kids to take but the one you will notice the most difference in their mood (much calmer) and concentration when they take it.  Luckily these oils come in different flavors and so are quite pleasant.  If your child really doesn’t like the taste you can add it to a smoothie.  Eating good quality wild fish and other sources of healthy fats (avocados) is also a good way of getting some of these essential Omega 3 oils.


I’m a firm believer that, no matter how well you think your child eats due to usual pickiness by most and lack of variety, a good quality multivitamin is a must to ensure your child is getting all the basic nutrients.  Don’t be concerned that your child will get too much of any particular vitamin or mineral.  Recommended daily dosages in mufti’s are only baseline amounts.

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