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Broccoli May Provide Benefits against Liver Disease 

In March 2016, the issue of the Journal of Nutrition reported an association between a diet supplemented with broccoli and a lower risk f fatty liver and liver cancer in obese mice.

Lead researcher Elizabeth Jeffery said “We decided that liver cancer needed to be studied particularly because of the obesity epidemic in the US. The literature already states that obesity enhances the risk for liver cancer especially for men.

Researchers fed mice a Western diet high in lard and sucrose with or without freeze-dried broccoli or a standard control diet.  The animals also received weekly injections of a carcinogen that has the potential to induce tumors in the liver and other organs.

They found that the Westernized diet did increase fatty liver but saw that the broccoli protected against it.  Broccoli stopped excess uptake of fat into the liver by decreasing the uptake and increasing the output of lipid from the liver.

Note: Previous research conducted by Dr. Jeffery found that chopping or steaming broccoli enhanced the availability of sulforaphane, broccoli’s anti-cancer compound.