Interviews of Michelle

Nu Healings on Rogers Daytime Television
The only wellness centre in Ottawa that offers the powerful combination of Holistic Nutrition and Certified Cancer Coaching to help people achieve optimal health and well-being. No matter your current state of health, our programs will guide you to awaken your body’s unique ability to heal itself through in-depth assessments, nutrition and lifestyle changes, supplementation, personal support, and more.
Natural Cancer Fighting Solutions
Michelle explains why she became a holistic nutritionist and how we can improve our life by changing our lifestyle
Holistic Nutrition
Michelle Thibodeau of NU Healings Nutrition dropped by CTV Morning Live to discuss the free community service program called “Cancer WipeOut.” The three-week program aims to help people who are current or former cancer patients.
Super Green Antioxidant Smoothie on Rogers Daytime TV
Learn how to make a Super Green Antioxidant Smoothie on Rogers Daytime TV with Michelle Thibodeau!


Support for You & Your Loved Ones Who Are Dealing with Illness from Michelle Thibodeau
Michelle talks about the process of getting certified as a cancer coach and how disease prevention doesn’t have to be complicated
The Ed Hand Show – Michelle Thibodeau – Professional Cancer Coach
As a member of  Professional Cancer Coaches International Inc., Michelle explains how nutrition deficiencies cause diseases.