What’s NU? – Multivitamins Protec Breast Cancer Patients from Neuropathy

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Researchers from Roswell Park Cancer Institute and SWOG presented findings at the American Association for Cancer Research meeting, which found that regular intake of a multivitamin prior to breast cancer diagnosis may reduce the risk of chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy in patients treated with taxane-based chemotherapy drugs.  

Data was analyzed from 1,125 breast cancer patients, enrolled in a National Cancer Institute group trial, to determine if the use of dietary supplements was related to the presence of chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy. 

Patients who regularly took a multivitamin before diagnosis were significantly less likely to experience symptoms than those who did not.

Editor’s Note * Developing chemo-induced neuropathy is unpredictable and symptoms can remain long after treatment is finished.  For that reason identifying preventive measures has the potential to greatly enhance quality of life for a substantial number of breast cancer patient survivors.

Michelle’s Note * If you already have neuropathy starting a good quality, Food Based, multivitamin specific to Women could still be beneficial in reducing symptoms of neuropathy.  Some of the best brands to look for are: MegaFood, Garden of Life, and New Chapter.  There are others out there but do your homework and buy only from a reputable Health Food Store or website that sells this type.  http://shop.mercola.com/catalog/multivitamins,422,0,0.htm

Additionally, all of the above also come in a Men’s formula and can be purchased as a “One a day”! For me this is a bonus feature

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Source: American Association for Cancer Research 2016, April 16-20