Prostate Cancer – Vitamin D deficiency associated with lower survival rate for prostate cancer patients


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The journal, Military Medicine, published in January 2014m the findings of researchers at East Tennessee State University a positive association between higher vitamin D levels and prostate cancer survival.

Participants included veterans diagnosed with prostate cancer before May 2007.  Some of the group had been tested for vitamin D levels, of these more than half had at least one follow-up test result.

By the end of five years, 27.9% of the men had died.  Early blood test results showed vitamin D deficiency in more than a third of those tested and follow-up tests revealed improvements resulting in insufficiency in less than 20%.  Men who were initially deficient in vitamin D had a 6% lower risk of surviving their cancer compared to men who were non-deficient.

There are several convincing reasons to test and treat prostate cancer patients with vitamin D.  Another study found that treating patients who had metastatic prostate cancer and vitamin D deficiency with at least 2,000 IU/day of the vitamin improved bone pain and muscle strength.

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Source: Life What’s hot 2014