Nu Healings Nutrition Ottawa  Welcome to the February Newsletter

Although most of us only recognize February for Valentine’s Day and more cold weather February is also noted for World Cancer Day (Feb. 4), National Cancer Prevention Month and International Childhood Cancer Day (Feb. 15).

February is also all about love including self-love.  Many of us forget to do this because we’re so busy loving and caring for others day to day.  If you have cancer it’s more important than ever that you learn to take the time to do this.  This is the time it’s really o.k. to be a bit selfish.  Do what you need to do to get better and minimize your risk factors.

This month I’d like to talk about things we can do for Cancer Prevention and how important it is for all of us to learn to Stop Feeding Cancer Cells by changing our diets to reduce the risk of cancer.  Regardless of where you are in your cancer journey (active cancer patient, remission or survivor/post treatment you want to help your body prevent recurrences or secondary cancers in the future.

Because cancer rates are increasing every year, most people wrongly assume there’s nothing they can do to reduce their risk and prevent getting cancer.  It is important to know that you can make daily choices to prevent this disease.   Most doctors don’t talk about daily health habits but you can improve your knowledge by getting informed.   Remember, Knowledge is Power and will help you make better choices and ask the right questions.

Our body has natural healing abilities and is constantly working on restoring health by getting rid of old cells and generating new ones.  When a person begins to have adverse health symptoms it means the self-healing systems within the body can’t keep up with the aggressiveness of the disease.

The more we learn about the causes of cancer, the more information has been found that shows cancer is caused by the body being overloaded by toxins, nutritional deficiencies or both which cause “Free Radical” damage in the body.  Because these problems are a direct result of our environment and daily choices we make, we can dramatically change our health by changing our daily habits.

Our Standard North American Diet is deficient in critical nutrients that are needed for optimal health, so most people are suffering from nutritional deficiencies that often lead to major health problems.  To make matters worse many people are grossly overweight but malnourished. In order to overcome these health issues, it’s important to inundate the body with all the essential vitamins and minerals it needs to thrive.

Be proactive and change your eating habits; start with baby steps; small changes can really add up over time.

  1. Stay away from foods that contain “empty calories” such as junk food, candy, desserts, chips and other processed foods.
  2. Increase your consumption of healthy foods including vegetables (raw is better), whole grains, nuts, seeds and healthy fats. Fruit should be eaten in moderation (2 small servings per day).  Check my blog page for more Healthy Grocery tips.
  3. Start your day with a fresh green juice or smoothie.
  4. Eat a large salad for lunch or with dinner – include lots of dark leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and kale.

Do you need help with the transition to a healthier lifestyle; are you confused and unsure about all the information available out there?  Visit my website for more resources or email me your question at