What’s Nu? Ct Scans and Cancer Risk

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Exposure to ionizing radiation is growing quickly in North America, partly as a result of an explosion in the used of x-ray based imaging, particularly CT scans.

If you are a cancer patient you likely have been exposed to several of these already and may continue to do so as part of your treatment protocol and follow-up after treatments have ended.

Definition: Ionizing radiation produces reactive compounds that directly damage cells that cause DNA strand breaks leading to cancer formation.  Radiation exposure also supresses bone marrow production of infection and cancer fighting white blood cells; a function your body desperately needs when fighting cancer.

Studies have shown that exposure to CT scans can increase the risk of cancer by at least 24% and that those risks last for years after the test has been completed.  This risk increase with each CT or PET scan a person is exposed to.

Although you may not be able to avoid your exposure completely due to standard practices, the good news is there are steps you can take before and after your exposure to help protect yourself using specific nutrients.

  • Lemon balm reduces the production of reactive chemical compounds by radiation which helps cells maintain their integrity.
  • Ginkgo biloba reduces DNA damage that can lead to cancer
  • Spirulina supports bone marrow production of white and red blood cells, protecting against the risk of infection.

Best advice is to try to limit your exposure to CT’s and PET scans as much as possible.  Research your type of cancer to see if you are a good candidate for other forms of diagnostics such as MRI’s or Ultra sounds.

Source: Life Extension Magazine, Dec. 2015

Radiation Exposure Table

Estimates of dose an individual might receive if undergoing an entire procedure (a lumbar spine series typically consist of five films)

Exam                                        Effective Dose, mrem

Head CT –                                 200

Chest CT –                                800

Abdominal CT –                         1,000

Head and Chest –                       1,100

Mammogram –                           13

Lumbar spine series                             180

Thoracic spine series                  140

Cervical spine series                   27

Barium enema (10 images)                   700


Compared to one standard X-Ray

Exam                                        Effective Dose, mrem

Head (PA or AP)                         3

Chest (PA & lateral)                    6

Lumbar Spine (AP)                      70

Thoracic spine (AP)                     40

Pelvis or hips                                       83

Abdomen                                  53